How to reverse sear steak using the stove and oven

How To Reverse Sear a Tomahawk Steak in an Oven and...

Get a restaurant quality steak without ever leaving your kitchen.
chuck eye steak with knives

What is a Chuck Eye Steak?

The chuck eye is very close to the taste and tenderness of a ribeye. It comes with the intense beef flavor you love from the chuck, but is infinitely more tender than a typical chuck steak—though not quite as tender as a ribeye.
reverse sear steak on the grill with the Organic Butcher in McLean

How to Reverse Sear a Tomahawk Ribeye Steak on a Grill

Today, I'm using a prime 5th bone tomahawk to demonstrate the reverse sear technique using a gas grill.
sliced T-bone steak on board

T-Bone vs Porterhouse: What’s the Difference and Which Cut is Right...

I’m sure you’ve heard about these two iconic cuts of meat. But what exactly is the difference between them? Read on to learn how to tell these two steaks apart and to figure out which might be right for your next grill session.
Meatloaf comfort burgers assembled and ready to eat

Meatloaf Comfort Burgers

Cold weather and comfort food go hand in hand, and nothing says comfort food like meat loaf and mac and cheese.