About Grillseeker

Grillseeker was born from a passion for outdoor cooking and BBQ. Outdoor cooking is not only therapeutic, but easy to love because there is rarely a right or wrong way to do something. BBQ is about making something your own and having fun doing it. Unlike baking, where the difference in a teaspoon and a tablespoon can be catastrophic, BBQ is pleasantly forgiving. The recipes on this site can be considered loose guidelines: take some liberties with them and make them your own.

An important thing to know for 100% transparency: Some of the work here is sponsored, but it is unethical to take money in exchange for a positive review. You can be sure that if Matthew reviews something positively, it’s because he actually uses and likes the product.

And lastly, get ready to laugh a little. Matthew is not a competition BBQ cook: while he admires them, he has no plans or ambition to be one. There is a huge difference in competition BBQ and what is actually served to family and friends. So, while many competition teams are very serious about their trade, you won’t find that here. If you’re serious about making great food AND serious about having a good time, welcome. If you’re not having fun while cooking, hang up your tongs and find something else to do with your time.

Who is the Grillseeker?

After 13 years of active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps, college, graduate school, and a corporate career, Matthew Eads set out to chase his dreams. He looked for a need in society and built a niche training and consulting business.

Cooking, however, has been Matthew’s passion for as long as he can remember: “My mom had a big part in teaching me the ways of the kitchen.” Outdoor cooking and grilling were a different story. My dad was the ‘grillmaster’ of the house and, while he remains the wisest man I’ve ever known, his was some of the worst BBQ ever served on a plate (sorry, Dad). As a result, I set out to teach myself through reading, practical application and trial and error. “I started cooking over open fire as a pre-teen and I’ve been fascinated with fire and flavor ever since.”

Encouraged by friends and family to start posting his enticing food pictures to Instagram, Matthew opened an account (with much-needed social media help from his daughters). Seeing great food from all over the world in his Instagram feed inspired him to reach out to all who are #UnitedByFlame.

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