eggs and sausage in a cast iron skillet

Start Your Morning Right – With a Small Fire and Delicious Food

If you’ve never fired up the grill before noon, I’m here to tell you that grilling for breakfast is a great way to gather your family together before a hectic day, create a memorable brunch for you and your friends, or simply break up the monotony of cold cereal and coffee every morning.
Grillseeker On the Air

Matt on AM Ocala: What You Need to Start Grilling

I got a chance to talk grilling the hosts of AM Ocala Live, talking about what you need to start grilling (it's not as much as you'd think).
Tenergy Indoor Grill with Box

Cooker Review: Tenergy Redigrill Smokeless Infrared Grill

Today we’ve got another indoor grill review to share. The Tenergy Redigrill is powered by two infrared bulbs instead of the standard heating element usually found in a conventional oven or indoor electric grill.
Rotisserie Rosemary Crusted Lamb sliced and served on a platter

Rotisserie Rosemary Crusted Lamb

This Easter, I'll be making one of my favorite traditional dishes: Rosemary Crusted Lamb. It's always an impressive and delicious dish to serve.
Grillseeker On the Air

Matt on What’s Cookin’ Today: Never Serve Another Hockey Puck

I spoke with the What's Cookin' Today podcast, on my upcoming book, how the Marine Corps taught me to become a creative griller, and how to avoid turning your burgers into hockey pucks on the grill.
Wodagyu American Wagyu beef

Wagyu Beef Delivery Service: Wodagyu Review

Wodagyu grows Tajima Black cattle, which is the only breed that is certified as Japanese Kobe beef. American-raised wagyu beef is an interesting and relatively new offering to the meat market.


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