Memorial Day Grilling Guide: Quick and Easy Tips for Your Cookout, girl grilling with her dad

Memorial Day Grilling Guide: Quick and Easy Tips for Your Cookout

This weekend, we celebrate those who serve our country by firing up the grill and coming together for cookouts. Memorial Day is often the...
Leftover Lamb Recipe, lamb garnished with pickled red onions

Leftover Lamb Recipe: Lamb Sliders

Mary had a little leftover lamb—and made some awesome sliders. OK, I know that's not how the nursery rhyme goes, but trust me, Mary was...
Grillseeker On the Air

Ryan Scott and I Talk About the Camaraderie in Cooking

I was honored to chat with Ryan Scott about how cooking builds bridges between people of all walks of life and how this live-fire camaraderie inspired my book.
Rotisserie Boneless Leg of Lamb sliced and ready to eat

Rotisserie Boneless Leg of Lamb Recipe

Today, I'm going explain how to use a rotisserie to cook a leg of lamb that will impress anyone with taste buds.
Grillseeker On the Air

Matt Talks Quick and Easy Grilling on Food News and Views

I talked with Linda Gassenheimer about my days of “grilling” food in foil packets on exhaust pipes in the Marines.
Grillseeker On the Air

Frankie Boyer and I Talk the Joys of Vegetarian Grilling

I sat down with Frankie Boyer to discuss how I went from U.S. Marine to gourmet griller and cookbook author.


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