brined and roasted chicken on a platter

Chicken Brine (For The Juiciest Roasted Chicken Ever)

If you’re tired of roasted chicken that’s dry, this chicken brine recipe is for you. I’m telling you, using this chicken brine will produce the most juicy and flavorful roasted chicken you’ve ever eaten. In this blog I’ll cover not only the brine recipe, but also why brining a whole chicken is the most effective

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bowl of smoked chicken chili with pot of chili

Smoked Chicken Chili Recipe

This smoked chicken chili could really be called smoked poultry chili because using leftover Thanksgiving turkey works really well also. Smoked white chicken chili is actually one of my favorite ways to use leftover turkey. You can absolutely grab a store bought rotisserie chicken for this recipe, it’s cheap and easy for sure. That said,

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