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Steak French Fry Nachos Recipe (Frachos)

If there’s two things that make everything better it’s French fries and steak, right?
Completed, grilled steak quesadillas recipe

Steak Quesadilla Recipe

This is an awesome quick and easy dinner or the perfect Game Day appetizer.

Steak and Sage Butter Fried Egg Recipe

This is a very easy, and very satisfying breakfast.

Grilled Romaine Steak Salad Recipe

It’s not often that I’m eating salad, but when I do you can bet it’s going to be grilled, and you can bet it’s going to include steak.
Sage brown butter recipe on mashed potatoes

Sage Brown Butter Recipe

This sage brown butter is an excellent addition to over easy eggs.
Finished beef stew with roll

Beef Stew Recipe

We’re using up the leftovers and making a killer stew for the cold winter days.

Butter Burgers Recipe

We all love on a diner-style burger, this one amped-up with butter!
Completed pico de gallo recipe

Pico de Gallo Recipe

This Pico is a huge hit in my family—I’ve never actually finished making a batch before someone is sampling.
Cuban sandwich, sliced and ready to eat

Ultimate Grilled Cuban Sandwich Recipe

I’m no stranger to big sandwiches. If you’ve seen my Instagram account, you know I sometimes get carried away and a single sandwich can often feed a family of four. This is one of them.
Cinnamon Whisky Pork Shoulder completed and pulled

Cinnamon Whiskey and Brown Sugar Pork Shoulder Recipe

Usually reserved for desserts, the sweet tones in this flavor combination do exceptionally well with pork, especially when combined with the savory and smoky rub used in this recipe.