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homemade seasoning: rosemary salt recipe ingredients

Homemade Seasoning: Rosemary Salt

I was buying rosemary salt by the gallons and spending a ton of money because I use it on just about everything. I love...
Grilled mexican street corn recipe

Grilled Mexican Street Corn

Summer is almost here and that means fresh corn season is just around the corner. As a side dish for everything from steak to...

Grillseeker Herb Butter

Want the perfect addition to an already awesome steak? This herb butter is nothing short of decadent and adds next level flavor to any...

Authentic Chimichurri Sauce

Sometimes your meal just needs a little extra lovin’. Originating from Argentina and Uruguay, chimichurri is full of flavor that complements any grilled meat. I...

Apple, Radish, and Jalapeño Slaw

It’s just about summertime, and for me that means cookouts and summer block parties. If you’re like me, you never want to show up...

Cilantro Lime Black Bean Soup

I love this recipe not only because it tastes amazing, but because it can be used as either a dip or a soup. Need an appetizer for a party? Divide this recipe into a hefty serving of dip and make the rest into soup for lunch or dinner by simply adding a little more stock.

Chopped Pork Sliders

When thinking about chopped or pulled pork, most people picture either a vinegar sauce or a tomato-based sauce—they are two of the most commonly-used...

Spicy Mustard-Crusted Pork Shoulder

Smoked pork has long been a favorite of mine. I learned to do pork using the low and slow technique years ago and while that technique produces great results, I am also a fan of hot and fast cooking.
cheddar jalapeño cornbread sliced in cast iron pan

Cheddar and Jalapeno Cornbread

Growing up, cornbread was a staple around my grandmother’s table. Along with navy beans and ham, collard greens, apple fritters, etc. You know, your...

Meatloaf Comfort Burgers

Cold weather and comfort food go hand in hand, and nothing says comfort food like meat loaf and mac and cheese. But the cold...


Matt Eads is a former US Marine, self-taught grillmaster, and cookbook author. Building on a lifelong passion for cooking and the memories of his dad’s less-than-stellar BBQ, Matt has learned the ways of the grill through reading, practical application, and a lot of trial and error.
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