Review: La Hoguera Fire Pit

La Hogurea fire pit

An old English proverb states that necessity is the mother of invention. The La Hoguera Fire Pit was a product of necessity for the creator Josh Martin of Martin Ironworks. Josh is a Mesa, Arizona-based fabricator who is heavily involved in the sport of off-road desert racing. “After years of being cold and coffee-less in the desert” due to the lack of space for a stove or fire pit in their race support truck, Josh dreamed up a fully-enclosed, collapsible, portable fire pit that could be used to keep him warm and caffeinated. So Josh got to work on La Hoguera, which means “the bonfire” in Spanish. The primary function of La Hoguera is a fire enclosure with the ability to cook being its secondary function. La Hoguera was built to be easily stowed, rapidly assembled, quickly dismantled and cooled before re-stowing: in other words, the perfect portable fire pit.

The La Hoguera consist of 7 components:

  • 3 quick locking side walls
  • 1 bottom plate
  • 1 top ring
  • 1 cooking grate
  • 1 spark arrester

All components of the La Hoguera are constructed of corrosion resistant 16 gauge (1/16”) 304 stainless steel. This steel fire pit is not treated so it will have an ever changing patina as the steel heats and tempers. Each of the sidewalls is constructed with locking keys that simply slip together with the bottom plate to create a triangle shaped fire pit. The top ring is then inserted to give the La Hoguera its stability. The fire pit can be used with or without the cooking grate or spark arrester in place. The spark arrester top keeps sparks and embers controlled, making La Hoguera a fully enclosed fire pit. The spark arrester also forces the heat out horizontally toward you as opposed to straight up and away. La Hoguera is designed to be used on a noncombustible surface such as sand or in an existing ground fire pit. There is an La Hoguera Ash Tray/Stand available as an accessory, which allows the La Hoguera to be safely used on a combustible surface such as concrete or asphalt. Please note we have not tested the Ash Tray/Stand.

Item Specs La Hoguera Fire Pit*

  • Full-size 36”x24” wt 62lbs
  • Mid-size 30”x24” wt 52lbs
  • Mini 12”x8″ wt 10 lbs
  • The full- and mid-size both have a triangular foot print of 24”. The Mini has a triangle footprint of 8”.
  • Ash Tray Stand fits full-size and mid-size La Hoguera wt 20lbs

*This information was gathered from Josh Martin, Martin Fabricators and the Martin Ironworks website.

Spark Arrester of La Hogurea Fire Pit

What We Loved About La Hoguera Fire Pit

At first glance we said: “How do you lay a fire in that?” Ten minutes later we said: “That’s the easiest fire ever set.” We love the triangle design of the steel fire pit which naturally forms the fuel wood into a teepee fire lay. Even in the rain we did not have any issues getting a fire up and burning quickly. We love the balance of strength to La Hoguera weight. The multiple air holes create an extremely effective burn environment.

Cooking grate on La Hogurea fire pit

La Hoguera Fire Pit: What Could Be Improved

While we truly appreciate the weight to strength radio of La Hoguera, we would love to see a heavier gauge steel used for the spark arrester plate. The 16 gauge steel does flex considerably while the fire is lit. This is true of all the La Hoguera fire pit components. While the 16 gauge steel allows you to easily correct, by hand, any of the flex when the fire pit is cool we feel that a heavier spark arrester would not only stay better seated in the top of La Hoguera fire pit, it would also make the spark arrester a better flat top cooking surface or griddle.

We understand that accessories will be available for La Hoguera soon. Hopefully, these extras will include a heavy storage bag for the portable fire pit to help keep your vehicle trunk or storage area clean. A storage bag would also be an ideal place to easily store a set of wielder gloves for handling La Hoguera. Another great accessory to have would be a fire iron designed to easily pass through the air holes in the La Hoguera walls. For testing we did use a standard fire iron with the finial removed, which worked nicely.

Our sample full-size La Hoguera fire pit arrived without any documentation. We were provided examples of the forthcoming documentation electronically. This documentation is currently being finalized for shipping with each La Hoguera fire pit in the near future. We hope this final documentation touches a bit more on the actual assembly of La Hoguera.

Who the La Hoguera Fire Pit Is For

We feel this enclosed fire pit is perfect for both on- and off-road campers. It is a great fit for a cottage owner who has the need for a fully-enclosed fire pit that can easily be stored when not in use. Hunting camps definitely come to mind when thinking of La Hoguera portable fire pits. Please check your local fire regulations concerning enclosed fire pits. La Hoguera is definitely for those who are experienced with the art of laying and starting a wood burning fire. While La Hoguera is a simple fire pit to light and maintain, it is more than likely not a great fit for someone who only occasionally enjoys the live fire experience.

Side view of cooking grate on La Hogurea fire pit

Final Thoughts on The La Hoguera Fire Pit

La Hoguera is a simple, well-built tool that is elegant in its design and function. We have set more than a dozen fires in this enclosed fire pit with plans for more. With each firing our fondness for this fire enclosure grows. La Hoguera is built from high quality materials and is currently manufactured in the United States. The price point for La Hoguera full-size as of July 2019, is $399, plus shipping, and is available from BBQ Island Grills and Smokers.

food cooking on La Hogurea fire pit

If you’re looking for a strong, easily transportable, fire enclosure—with the ability to do a bit of cooking we suggest you give La Hoguera a look.


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