Grilling Everyday, Simplifying Tough Recipes, and More on Chauncey’s Great Outdoors

Blistered Shishito Peppers from Grillseeker cookbook

People think grilling is a Memorial Day and Labor Day thing. There’s no reason for your grill to collect cobwebs—grilling can be an everyday thing.

I joined Chauncey’s Great Outdoors for a chat about why grilling should be an everyday event (hint: it’s fun and you don’t have a sink full of dishes). I swapped cold weather grilling stories with Chicago native Chauncey Niziol, explained how I break down recipes in my book so everyone can achieve the perfect result, debated the merits of cast iron skillets and dutch ovens as grilling tools, and made a case for making your own rosemary salt and herb butter. I even convinced Chauncey to try my grilled spaghetti recipe—one of my favorites from my book.

Listen to the full interview.

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