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Grilled broccolini on a plate with steak

Grilled Broccolini with Garlic, Lemon, and Parmesan

Fresh broccolini grills quickly and easily, with an incredible flavor profile that will leave you wanting more of these tasty vegetables.
Bourbon marinated strip steak, grilled and served on a bed of polenta with grilled oranges

Bourbon Molasses Marinated Steak Recipe

Enjoy a night of MBF—meat, bourbon, and fire—with this fun recipe for strip steaks that features bourbon, molasses, bitters and tamari.
Grill Covered in Snow

How to Store Your Grill for the Winter

It may be tempting to roll your grill up next to the house after the last great cookout of the season without cleaning it, maybe throw a cover on it and call it a day. Resist that temptation.
Dry Brined steak sliced and ready to serve

How to Dry Brine Your Steak for Maximum Flavor

This dry brine steak technique is easy, uses only sea salt and packs a ton of flavor and moisture inside of an incredible deep brown crust.
How to reverse sear a steak with Kingsford charcoal

How to Reverse Sear Using a Charcoal Grill

Are you trying to perfect your steak game and get that beautiful crust that can only be found at a steakhouse?  Well, I’m going to share the secret with you!
Perfectly cooked skirt steak

How To Cook Skirt Steaks—Perfectly

Skirt steak may just be, dare I say, my new favorite cut of meat. Skirt steak has a perfect fat content, and now that I've perfected the cooking method it's not fork tender, it's spoon tender.
Raw inside and outside skirt steak

What’s the Difference Between Inside and Outside Skirt Steak?

What’s the difference between inside and outside skirt steak? While they are both long and thin cuts of meat with a thick grain to them, they differ in many ways.
Olive and cheese pizza cooked on the Kamado Grill

The Best Tricks for Cooking a Pizza on the Kamado Grill

If you own a Kamado grill like the Kamado Joe or Big Green Egg, it's just a matter of time before your mind wanders toward cooking a pizza on the grill.
T-bone or porterhouse steak crusted with spices and ready to cook

How to Grill a T-bone or Porterhouse Steak

I'll outline a very simple step-by-step process for grilling these steaks and dispel a few myths along the way.