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Matt on AM Ocala: What You Need to Start Grilling

I got a chance to talk grilling the hosts of AM Ocala Live, talking about what you need to start grilling (it's not as much as you'd think).
Grillseeker On the Air

Matt on What’s Cookin’ Today: Never Serve Another Hockey Puck

I spoke with the What's Cookin' Today podcast, on my upcoming book, how the Marine Corps taught me to become a creative griller, and how to avoid turning your burgers into hockey pucks on the grill.
Grillseekeer On The Air

Matt on BBQ Central Show: Picking a Side in the Sous...

I'm back with Greg Rempe, the host of BBQ Central, to discuss which cookers I prefer, how I define BBQ versus grilling, and where I stand on the Sous Vide War that's dividing GrillSeekers everywhere.
Grillseeker On the Air

Matt Talks the Joys of Live-Fire Cooking on The BBQ Central...

I was honored to visit BBQ Central to talk about my lifelong love of live-fire cooking, finding time to grill in the military, collecting cookers, and how a childhood fort in the woods of Michigan inspired my grilling career.
beef dry aging on racks at seven hills processing plant

Where’s the Beef?

I had the recent privilege of visiting Seven Hills Food and I left with an education most never get.
sign at lynx factory

A Day with Lynx Grills

The invitation to observe the manufacturing of what is considered by most to be the world’s premier gas grill was a real honor.
creating photos with a smartphone

The Truth About Reposting on Instagram: Who Gets Paid?

Reposting is a rapidly growing practice on Instagram in which a user downloads a third-party application, allowing them to basically copy and paste your picture or video into their page.