Quarantine Cooking: Home Meat Delivery Deals

Omaha Steaks Filet Medley Special

This post is sponsored by Omaha Steaks. Sponsored posts, along with affiliate links, are what enable bloggers like me to maintain and operate sites that are free to the public. That said, I only work with products and brands that I personally use and would feel proud to give as a gift.

As you know, I love quality meats. I’ve told you before about the benefits of ordering from Omaha Steaks, which has incredible quality and variety.

If you’ve been thinking about ordering from Omaha Steaks, try it now. With grocery stores crowded and meat cases empty, quarantine cooking is a challenge. It’s hard to shop for grass fed beef and shelf stable sides in a hectic local store while trying to avoid close contact.

Getting your groceries delivered is a good idea for cooking under quarantine, but grocery delivery services don’t always offer quality protein options. If you want heritage breed pork or pasture raised beef, a meat delivery service is your best bet. But not all home meat delivery is the same, and with delivery service getting interrupted, you have to choose a company you can rely upon.

If you thought quarantine cooking was a hard, try quarantine grilling.

That’s why Omaha Steaks is excellent for planning quarantine meals. If you’re internet connected, you’ve got an amazing variety of quality protein at your fingertips. Having a shipment of high-quality protein arrive at your door is convenient and safe shopping.

With new offers for bulk proteins from Omaha Steaks, you can stock your larder without going to a crowded store. My favorite offers are the Premium Value assortment, which gives you enough filet mignons, steak tips, boneless chicken breasts, pork chops, and burgers for 40+ main courses. It’s only $175 and will feed the family without breaking the bank.

Omaha Steaks Filet Medley Special

If you want a full meal delivered to your home, consider the Filet and Chops Medley. You’ll get four filet mignons and four boneless pork chops to cook up, plus four potatoes au gratin and four caramel apple tartlets. It’s a great, easy way to get a complete meal on the table, even if you’re still busy figuring out the whole work-from-home thing. At 60% off retail, it’s a pretty good deal for those interested. And I’ve got you covered as far as delicious recipes for your filets go.

The next few weeks will likely make shopping and going outside a taxing proposition. But with some smart purchases from Omaha Steaks and a little family cooking time, we can all make the best out of a difficult situation. So go to the backyard, or break out your electric grill so we can keep calm, and grill on.

We should all practice social distancing, but not from the grill.

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