VIDEO: Grilling Tips and My Favorite Dish on Kitchen Chat

Matt, Margaret McSweeney, and Chef Jamie Laurita sit down for Kitchen Chat

I dropped by Kitchen Chat to talk to Margaret McSweeney and Chef Jaime Laurita about grilling and my book, Grill Seeker: Basic Training for Everyday Grilling. Chef Jaime Laurita gave me some insight into the new Lynx outdoor grill vignette he designed for the Lynx showroom. We discussed our favorite Lynx products and why they’re some of the best and most reliable outdoor cooking products on the market. I told Jaime why he had to add the Lynx Napoli Oven to his next outdoor cooking space.

Margaret and I discussed why everyone should be grilling watermelon—one of my favorite recipes from my book. I explained where my famous MOINK balls got their name (think of the sounds that cows and pigs make and you’re halfway there). We also chatted about my time in the Marines, and how grilling a full Thanksgiving dinner for hungry Marines prepared me for any cookout. I gave my opinions on grill maintenance, revealed my favorite recipe to make on the grill, and offered what I think are the three biggest mistakes novice grillers can make (hint: two-zone heating is your friend). I invited Jaime and Margret to join the United By Flame community, where we’re still firing up memories one grill at a time.

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Matt, Margaret McSweeney, and Chef Jamie Laurita sit down for Kitchen Chat

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