Matthew on What’s Cookin’ Today: Never Serve Another Hockey Puck

MOinK balls from Grillseeker book

There’s a sort of primal instinct that comes with cooking something over an open fire. That’s really where it started for me, and it grew into a lifelong passion.

I spoke with Michael Horn and Matt Bissontz, hosts of the What’s Cookin’ Today podcast, about my upcoming book, how the Marine Corps taught me to become a creative griller, and how to avoid turning your burgers into hockey pucks on the grill.

The What’s Cooking Today guys and I break down my favorite recipes from the book, including Moink Balls, Cilantro Lime Sweet Potatoes, and a Grilled Banana Split that is a guaranteed way to get your kids interested in grilling. If you’re not into meat, I offer up how I use the grill to create some delicious vegetarian and pescetarian fare.

I talk about how I kindled a lifelong love of love flame cooking: Starting as a child cooking over open flames on a cast iron skillet I stole from my mom’s pantry, to my 13 years in the Marine Corps where I learned how to transform budget ingredients into a feast fit for a king. I explain my philosophy of how grills unite us all and why we can and should grill every day.

We discuss how my kids encouraged me to take my grilling dreams to the next level by posting pictures of my recipes on Instagram (after they explained what Instagram was), and how a few followers grew into the United by Flame movement.

Finally, I talk to Michael and Matt about a plague facing cookouts throughout our nation: Hockey Puck Hamburgers. I layout a strategy for grilling up delicious, juicy burgers—every time.

Listen to my full interview to hear more.

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