Equipment Review: Thermoworks Infrared Thermometer

thermoworks infrared thermometer readout of cast iron pan on grill

Cooking with a generalized heat setting can be scary because you don’t want to burn your food.  You can feel the heat from the griddle or grill and it all feels the same….hot! How is 150°F or 550°F supposed to feel?

Enter the Industrial Infrared with Laser Circle (IR-IND) Thermometer* by ThermoWorks. This easy-to-use tool is ideal for detecting temperature so you can perfectly sear a delicate scallop or know when the moment is right to drop that hefty ribeye in your cast iron pan.

Item Specs

  • Size: 4.7” H x 1.87” W x 6.76” D
  • Weight: 9 oz
  • Batteries: AAA (2), included
  • Measures in °C or °F
  • Offers a 1 second response

What I Loved

I previously used another infrared thermometer and it only lasted a handful of uses before it completely stopped working… total waste! I started using this one from ThermoWorks some time back and, like my other Thermoworks products, it performs like a champ, though I would suggest a couple of improvements.

It’s sturdy but not heavy and you simply point it at a target location and press the trigger – the temperature reading is nearly instantaneous. What’s better is that it the temperature reading doesn’t randomly fluctuate plus or minus 50 degrees like it did on the other unit I had. Another great feature is the 8-point laser circle that is projected from the thermometer making it easier to determine where on your cooking surface the temperature reading is actually being taken. My previous unit, before it stopped working all together, only projected a small dot which wasn’t the easiest to see.

Finally, the IR-IND is also adaptable for a small temperature probe, allowing a dual reading, so you can check the temp of your surface with the laser and probe your food for internal temperature. While not necessary for an infrared thermometer, it’s a nice feature to have for convenience.

What Could Be Improved

As it is, this is a really nice product. There are, however, a few things I would change. First, I wish there was a lanyard attached to this thermometer so I could wrap it around my wrist. I use it exclusively around a grill or open fire and I’d just feel a bit more comfortable with a lanyard, especially in the cold months when my hands are nearly numb and don’t grip as well.

Second, a flashlight feature would further improve an already outstanding tool. Sometimes I grill after dark and I’d like to see the surrounding objects near where I am pointing the thermometer.  A small light at the very bottom or top of the laser would be helpful for that.

Who It’s For 

Any outdoor cook would find the IR-IND a welcome addition to their grilling toolkit. This infrared thermometer provides an accurate temperature reading and can be used for any method of cooking – ovens, grills, stovetops, etc. Of course, it has many uses outside of cooking as well.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend this to everyone!  Not only is the IR-IND helpful around the kitchen, but it’s just begging to be used for other household projects.  It is a unique tool that I find myself reaching for often. Finally, Thermoworks, if you’re reading this… think about that flashlight option!

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