Cooker Review: Arteflame Classic 40-Inch Grill

arteflame classic grill with wood fire in center

Can a grill be a piece of art? The folks at Arteflame certainly think so. Each piece looks as good as it cooks and, regardless of the style, makes a stunning addition to any backyard setup. Having spent several months testing the Classic 40-inch grill, I’m convinced this is a grill you’ll love for years to come. Read on for our full breakdown.

Item Specs

Product Material: COR-TEN Steel, Carbon Steel
Shipping Weight: 355lbs across the 4 pieces that make up the grill
Dimensions: 40”w x 38”h
Cooking area: 1257sqin.

What I Loved

There’s plenty to love about this piece of art that doubles as a highly functional grill and fire pit. First and foremost, this grill can be placed in any setting and not look like the unsightly covered BBQ that you may just be trying to find a place for or hide. While this grill is highly functional as a cooker, it is also a fire feature that adds excitement to any backyard.

As a cooker it functions as both a grill and a griddle. The center section is set up for an optional removable grill surface for direct heat, searing, etc. and it can sear as good or better than any standard charcoal grill. Without the grill section installed it’s an incredible fire feature also capable of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows on a stick, or use it as a heat source for those cool fall evenings.

The griddle surface is hotter towards the center and cooler around the edges which allows for cooking foods at various temperatures. Want to do some bacon and eggs outdoors? No problem. Even better? The designers at Arteflame clearly accounted for run-off of juices and fat that are inevitable when using a griddle an designed the surface to slope slightly towards the center opening. This means any food remnants, grease, or liquid run-off from food drips directly into the fire and burns up as opposed to dripping onto your patio surface. This thoughtful feature virtually eliminates any mess that may otherwise end up on the ground around the grill. If you’re a neat freak like me, that wouldn’t go over well.

Another feature I thought was nice are the holes inside of the firebox for drainage – so there’s no worry about the bowl filling with water if left in the rain. There is an available cover (sold separately) but if you forget the cover overnight or if the surface is too hot to cover when you turn in for the evening, the center section will drain in the event of rain.

What Could Be Improved

Cleaning it out isn’t the easiest. I’ve been using a small fireplace shovel to clean out the fire bowl which is somewhat of a hassle but not unmanageable. I would also like to see a small set of casters available so it could be moved around if needed.

Who It’s For

This is for the backyard enthusiast who not only loves to grill but  who lives to entertain as well. The 40″ classic grill is a lifestyle tool that lends itself to large parties as it has capacity to cook for groups of up to 50 people at a time. At the same time, it’s perfect for smaller parties where a group can gather around the grill and each person can cook their own food and socialize.

Don’t have the space for the 40″ classic grill? Smaller options are available. Arteflame grills come in three styles, with an option available to suit any aesthetic.

Final Thoughts

I love this grill, and while I don’t have a space issue it is something to consider before investing in this beauty. If you’re limited to a small patio in an apartment or townhome this is likely not the right grill for you.

While I don’t know dates or specifics, I do know the designers at Arteflame are working on a ton of accessories that will make this even more versatile – I am told a rotisserie is in the works as well as a few other goodies.

Finally, this isn’t a single person operation, the grilling surface is incredibly heavy and requires two fairly strong people to position it, so be prepared to have a six pack of your buddy’s favorite beverage to offer in trade for the labor of setting it up. The upside is enjoying that beverage with said buddy after the set-up is complete and a fire is going. Total set up time is about 20 minutes.

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  1. The arteflame grill is difficult to get hot it needs a way to get air into the firebox. It also takes a lot of firepower to get the grill hot. Great looking grill.

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