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Outdoor photo of Lynx Napoli Oven

The Lynx Napoli Oven Review

Wood fired ovens are all the rage these days, and for good reason. Not because cooking inside a wood fueled oven adds any flavor...
Wireless FireBoard Thermometer Review

Equipment Review: FireBoard

There’s no shortage of electronic temperature controllers/indicators on the market these days. I have reviewed some on this site, and have used many more...

Equipment Review: Maverick Redi Check ET-733

Disclosure: Maverick sent me this thermometer to test; however, all opinions are my own. I do not accept payment or products in exchange for...

Equipment Review: Etekcity Lasergrip 1080

Cooking on a cast iron pan or griddle are both techniques I really enjoy. The problem with these techniques is not being able to...
green gloveworks hd nitrile gloves holding beef rib

Gloveworks HD Nitrile Gloves

I constantly have my hands in something when I am cooking, whether I’m making hamburger patties, prepping chicken wings, or trimming a brisket; it’s...
thermoworks infrared thermometer readout of cast iron pan on grill

Equipment Review: Thermoworks Infrared Thermometer

Cooking with a generalized heat setting can be scary because you don’t want to burn your food.  You can feel the heat from the...
manlaw led bbq light next to grill

Equipment Review: ManLaw LED BBQ Grill Light

Grilling in the dark can be tricky but sometimes it can't be helped. Whether it's because you're up before the sun prepping an epic...

Equipment Review: Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

No matter what you're planning to grill, chances are the first line of your recipe instructs you to light and prepare your coals. Nothing...
looftlighter electric fire starter with cord

Equipment Review: Looftlighter Electric Fire Starter

Nearly every grilling recipe starts with "light your charcoal and wait until it's white hot". While generally a fairly straightforward proposition, this key step...
arteflame classic grill with wood fire in center

Cooker Review: Arteflame Classic 40-Inch Grill

Can a grill be a piece of art? The folks at Arteflame certainly think so. Each piece looks as good as it cooks and,...


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