VIDEO: Brining Pork Chops and Talking Live Fire Cooking on Morning Blend

Matt brining pork chops on Morning Blend

I stopped by Morning Blend to show Molly Fay and Andrew Varela how to make juicy pork chops every time. You’ll never eat another shoe-leather pork chop again if you follow along with my simple brine technique. Molly and I made the brine together, while Andrew showed the home audience why you shouldn’t play with a meat tenderizer (those things are sharp!).

Molly learned the secret of my bacon-wrapped maple-cinnamon carrots and Andrew sampled my prosciutto brie bites with fig jam. We discussed how grilling brings people together, my United By Flame movement, and how my book, Grill Seeker: Basic Training for Everyday Grilling, can help you throw the perfect cookout.

Watch the interview below:


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