Thermometer Review: Maverick XR50 Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer

Maverick XR50 Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer with packaging

A good digital BBQ thermometer is a welcome addition to any long-haul, low and slow cook. Most grillers are familiar with Maverick brand remote wireless BBQ thermometers, since they seem to be available just about anywhere grills are sold. We’ve reviewed the Maverick Redi Check ET-733 here.

Today we are reviewing the Maverick XR-50 Remote Thermometer. We’ve been using the digital BBQ thermometer for several months. Spoiler alert: It’s a recommended BBQ thermometer in Grill Seeker: Basic Training For Everyday Grilling. Let’s take a look at the features and see how this thermometer stacks up to our expectations.

The Maverick XR-50 is a RF-based thermometer with remote receiver (no WiFi, no Bluetooth). Both the transmitter, where the probes connect, and the receiver have similar displays on the Maverick BBQ thermometer. You can monitor food temperatures with the receiver or transmitter.

The transmitter communicates wirelessly with the receiver at up to a 500-foot range using RF frequencies. The probes on this wireless BBQ thermometer have color-coded plugs to easily match them to the ports on the transmitter. The transmitter can be programmed to monitor two grate probes and two meats, one grate probe and three meats, or three grate probes and one meat. The transmitter allows you to pre-program the finished internal temperature for your meat with the high- or low-temperature settings. Both high- and low-settings have an optional alarm. The grate temperature configuration is similar with high- and low- settings and an optional alarm for both.

Maverick XR50 Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer with probes, ready to use

The XR-50 includes four waterproof temperature probes: two 6-inch probes and two 3-inch probes which can be used for either food temperature or cooking chamber temperature. We are happy to see the waterproof rating on the temperature probes since some thermometer probes damage easily if you are not careful when washing them after use.

Both the transmitter and receiver have a rugged utility look and feel to them. The transmitter is water resistant with a backlit LED screen. The LED screen is clearly visible in the dark, so you won’t need an independent light to check the readout. Both the receiver and transmitter have strong magnets on the back allowing you to attach the unit to any metal surface on the grill stand. If you want to keep the Maverick BBQ thermometer on a counter, you can use the flip-out stand to prop it up on one of your side tables.

Maverick XR50 Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer monitoring temperatures on multiple areas of a cook

Maverick XR50 Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer monitoring temperature

Maverick XR50 Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer digital readout

For our initial testing, we fired up the grill and locked the temperature in around 250ºF for low and slow on a pork shoulder—a whole chicken would be added later. After inserting the batteries in the receiver and transmitter they immediately powered up, and the wireless BBQ thermometer was connected. To measure grate temperature in the front and back of the grill, we used the two short temperature probes. To measure meat temperature, we used the long temperature probes.

Half-way through the cook, we checked the internal meat temperatures with a high quality, instant-read thermometer. We were pleased to find that the measured internal temperature of the meats was within 1ºF when measured against the instant-read thermometer.

During this time, we also tested the wireless BBQ thermometer’s range. A quick walk to a neighbor’s house three doors down showed us that the range of this thermometer exceeds what’s advertised. If it is taken out of range, the BBQ thermometer quickly reconnects after stepping back in range, without needing the user to take any further action.

In addition to the numerous uses we’ve put this unit through, we also conducted the ice bath and boiling water test. The ice test showed all temperature probes were accurate within ± 0.5ºF to 1ºF of the zero degree F water. The boil test for temperature probes 1-3 was within ± 0.5 degrees. Temperature probe 4, however, was off by just 2ºF, which still falls within acceptable boundaries.

Item Specs: Maverick XR-50 Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer (Model XR50) *

  • Remote Thermometer for BBQ & Smokers–Four Probes included
  • 160-meter (up to 500 feet) range, F° or C° selectable readings
  • Use any probe for either BBQ or Food Temperatures; and user can set HIGH or
  • LOW alarms for each probe
  • Probes are rated 716F° (380C°) and water resistant; four included
  • 4-foot cord on all probes
  • LCD with backlight shows ALL information for each probe
  • All controls on transmitter; receiver has simple alarm on/off
  • New INSTA-SYNC® operating technology:
  • Faster connection and reduced connection drops
  • Simpler user programming
  • Better data packet transmission
  • Limited 1-year warranty

*Specs from Maverick BBQ Thermometer website.

What We Loved About Maverick XR50 Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer

Programming this wireless BBQ thermometer was easy and straightforward. The large backlit LED screen display was easy to read from a distance—day or night. The accuracy of the meat temperature probes was tested with an instant-read digital thermometer and was found to be within 1ºF.

We tested the range on the RF remote receiver and found it easily allowed us to visit a neighbor 3 doors down. After taking receiver out of range, the BBQ thermometer reconnected quickly and recovered with no input from the user. The alarms were perfectly audible from both the receiver and the transmitter, while not overwhelmingly loud.

Maverick XR50 Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer: What Could be Improved

If there’s a downside to this unit, it’s the hinge part of the stand on the back of the transmitter, which isn’t really up to task. With all the wires connected, our Maverick BBQ thermometer fell over several times during use.

Who the Maverick XR50 Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer Is For

If you are tired of fiddling with WiFi BBQ thermometers, Bluetooth BBQ thermometers, or an older RF thermometer with limited range, this BBQ thermometer will fit your ticket. The overnight low- and slow- outdoor backyard chef will find the water-resistant transmitter with backlit LED screen display a big plus. The versatility of various temperature probe configurations will also be attractive to people cooking on two grills close together or cooking up to four different cuts of meat on the same grill. Additionally, if you’re not someone who has a smartphone or likes linking their thermometer to a smartphone, this unit will be right up your alley.

Final Thoughts on Maverick XR50 Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer

We are pleased that the Maverick XR50 delivers consistent quality like most Maverick BBQ thermometers. The price point makes it an even more appealing offering when compared to others in its class. The features and quality of this BBQ thermometer makes it a must-have if you are looking for a reliable product you can count on to monitor your backyard cooks.

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