Video: Matthew on BBQ Central Show: Picking a Side in the Sous Vide War

Grilled Peanut Butter Banana Split

The idea for me is just getting outside and making great food and great memories with your friends and having a ball doing it.

I’m back with Greg Rempe, the host of BBQ Central, to discuss which cookers I prefer, how I define BBQ versus grilling, and where I stand on the Sous Vide War that’s dividing GrillSeekers everywhere.

If you’ve seen my corned beef post, you know I’m team sous vide. But Greg and I delve into the reasons why sous vide is a great cooking tool for thicker cuts of meat (like filet mignon). I’ll always get my grill out if I’ve got weather and time to allow for it, but if you’re in a rush, sous vide cooking can help you infuse a ton of flavor into your meats while you get on with your day. But me sure to finish your sous vide proteins on the grill to get that crust!

I also give you a few tips on using the sous vide bath to infuse vodka—because I like a tool that’s multi-purpose!

Greg and I weigh in on whether grill marks are really essential for an excellent piece of meat, and we talk about all the things you can grill if you get creative enough, including my recipe for a grilled banana split—which you’ll see in my book.

Watch my interview below:

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