Matthew on AM Ocala: What You Need to Start Grilling

grilled hasselback potatoes

If you’ve got the opportunity to grill outside, start with an inexpensive kettle grill and a five-dollar bag of charcoal—and grow from there.

I got a chance to talk grilling with Larry Whitler and Robin MacBlane, the hosts of AM Ocala Live. I talked Larry through what he’d need to start grilling (it’s not as much as you’d think), explained how I develop my recipes to Robin, and even discussed marinades with a caller.

I discussed my book with Larry and Robin and what inspired me to write it. We talked about my United by Flame movement and why I believe grilling should be an everyday activity. Every recipe in the book will take you from appetizers to dessert, and most cook up in under an hour.

I convinced non-griller Larry that he needs to join in on the live-fire cooking fun, and convinced him to try my Hasselback Potatoes recipe. Robin and I reminisced about watching our fathers “man the grills”, and the weird dad tradition of pouring beer over steaks on the grill (don’t waste your beer if you’re grilling steak, do this instead). I also spoke about how my mother and the Marine Corps influenced my cooking styles and some of the wonderful proteins and flavors I experienced while in the Corps. If you’ve never had goat, you’re missing out.

Our talk was cut short due to technical difficulties, but you can listen to our interview here:

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