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Meat The Butchers Doorstep Meat Delivery

Different people place importance on different things. For some it’s handbags and shoes, for others it’s a nice car, or a designer suit. For me, it’s quality meat.

Quality meat is hard, if not impossible to find at a local chain grocery store and the days of having a local butcher are all but gone for most of us. Enter Meat The Butchers, a new online meat delivery service that delivers the highest quality proteins to your doorstep, at an affordable price. I have ordered from MTB several times now and my experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

What I Loved

I loved the freshness and quality of the beef and seafood. The flavor of the ribeye I first ordered is like no grocery store meat you’ll ever buy; it just tastes clean, like real beef should taste. The Chilean sea bass was also to die for and was unbelievably fresh. Beyond the taste, I really appreciate that MTB sources all of their meats from sustainable family farms and ranches as opposed to corporate farms.

The convenience is also huge for me — being able to make my order and select a specific delivery date for a dinner party or cookout is extremely helpful. I can have fresh steaks delivered the day of my party and not have to plan a trip to the butcher’s shop while busy preparing for guests.

I found the recipe cards that are included in the packaging to be a thoughtful and fun addition. I normally have an idea of what I am going to do with the meat before it arrives, but there have been some really fun recipes that I’ve tried just based on the cards that came with my order.

Finally, the price point is significantly less than any of the other online retailers I’ve tried. If you’re budget conscious, like I am, Meat the Butchers is a great choice.

What Could Be Improved

I would love to see some thicker and different cuts available. For example, the prime, dry aged porterhouse is only available in a pack of two, 14 oz. steaks. I would prefer a single 28 oz. steak. Same for the bone-in ribeye, etc.

For my taste, I prefer a thicker cut of meat so I can do the reverse sear method of cooking. I would also like to see them carry tri-tip (which isn’t readily available outside of California) and perhaps a whole prime packer brisket as opposed to just the flat.

Who It’s For

This is really for anyone, from the executive chef to the backyard warrior. I think MTB is also a great resource for cooks who live in an area where access to anything other than grocery store meat is limited. The folks at MTB believes that you shouldn’t need to live near a large city to enjoy premium protein and I couldn’t agree more.

Final Thoughts

If you are hesitant to order meat online, I’d encourage you to try it from MTB — you’ll be glad you did.

The knock on mail-order meat has been, and will always be, the shipping costs. I get it, it’s hard to get past the price for delivery. When I consider the convenience and the fact that I can’t get this quality of beef locally, it’s well worth it. Depending on the size of the order, they also offer some pretty steep shipping discounts which helps offset that cost.

Finally, I have had great experience with their customer service which hasn’t always been the case for me when ordering online. MTB is the new kid on the mail-order meat block and they are hungry for market share; that shows in not only their quality but their commitment to customer satisfaction.