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Gloveworks HD Nitrile Gloves

green gloveworks hd nitrile gloves holding beef rib

I constantly have my hands in something when I am cooking, whether I’m making hamburger patties, prepping chicken wings, or trimming a brisket; it’s always something, and my hands are always covered in it. This is not uncommon among BBQ enthusiasts.

As a total clean freak, I found that I was washing my hands to the point of cracked skin, my faucets were always in need of being wiped down, and I was going through paper towels by the case, which got really expensive. This prompted me to start using latex gloves and the first couple of gloves I tried had me about ready to go back to the dry skin; they were just not comfortable and, more importantly, they weren’t very durable either. I struggled to find gloves that would fit comfortably and not tear so easily from basic tasks but then I finally found these nitrile gloves from Gloveworks called the Gloveworks Heavy Duty or HD. I found them online and I have been using them religiously since putting on the first pair.

Item Specs

  • Count: 100 gloves per box
  • Sizes: M to XXL.
  • Colors: Black, Orange, Royal Blue, and, of course, Green.
  • Thickness: Varies by color. The Blue and Black gloves are both 5-7 mil while the Green and Orange gloves are labeled “extra thick” at 7-9 mil. I don’t know why there is a thickness difference but for my purposes it’s negligible and both work just fine.
  • Material: Nitrile

gloveworks hd nitrile gloves orange blue black green

What I Loved

First, I love the way these gloves fit my hands. If you’ve ever worn a reversible glove you know that sometimes it just feels like you have a glove on the wrong hand. That’s not the case with these Gloveworks HDs, they really do “fit like a glove” and they slide on and off easily.

Second, the texture of these nitrile gloves allows for gripping almost any object without slipping, in the kitchen or at the BBQ pit. Gloveworks calls this a diamond texture and if you look closely at the raised “grips” of the gloves you’ll see why —- they are shaped like little diamonds. This becomes especially helpful when doing a pulled pork, pulled chicken, burnt ends or similar activities that get your hands extremely greasy and slippery. The raised diamonds really help in this instance and I have not found this sort of texture on any other glove.

Next, I appreciate the way these gloves are packaged. In the past, I’ve bought boxes of gloves only to get them open and find a giant ball of gloves, the contents of the entire box stuck together in a big unusable mess. I have not had that issue with Gloveworks; they separate from one another easily when pulling them out of the box.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, they don’t tear like so many other gloves do. Because they are nitrile and not latex, they are strong enough to hold up to what I need them for, without being so bulky that they affect dexterity. (I didn’t know this when I bought the gloves but later learned that nitrile is three times stronger than latex.)

What Could Be Improved

If you have read some of my other reviews you know that I can seemingly find something that can be improved with everything, it’s just in my nature to want to modify or improve something. That said, there’s nothing I would change about these nitrile gloves. My only suggestion to the company would be to sell an insulated insert for them. An insert or liner would be very helpful when handling hot food, etc. For those that have pulled a pork shoulder, you know what I’m talking about, especially if you’ve used the oversized clown shaped heat proof BBQ gloves that are designed for pulling meat, those things are nearly worthless.

Who It’s For

There are endless uses for these nitrile gloves. Obviously for me cooking is the main purpose and they are used extensively within the food service industry. They are also ideal for cleaning at home, gardening, working, or washing your car, etc.

Final Thoughts

I really like these gloves and realized that, while I was initially apprehensive about the cost (they are about $12 a box depending on where you find them), I am actually saving money as I don’t use nearly as many paper towels as I once did. My hands are no longer cracked from all the washing, nor do they smell like fish after I butcher fresh seafood from the harbor. I found them on Amazon but they are available via other online retailers and in some brick and mortar stores now as well.