Moore’s Marinades: Up Your Flavor Game

buffalo chicken sandwich with moose's blue cheese buffalo wing sauce

I love to use products that are versatile and packed with flavor. For example: garlic, chives, and onions are things that I always have on hand because I use them so often in so many dishes. Moore’s Marinade is another one of those things that I always have in the pantry.

How I found it:

While I’d love to share an adventurous story about far away travel to some exotic place, the reality is that I only traveled to my local grocery store and happened to see it on an end cap display. Anti-climactic, I know, but sometimes you score a gem with those endcap finds; other times, not so much.

About the Ingredient:

Though I have just recently discovered these bottles of goodness, Moore’s has been around for over 30 years. Developed in the kitchen of a family-owned steakhouse in Jasper, Alabama, the original flavor was first used to marinate steaks. The rich hickory flavor was so popular among customers, the family ended up selling it in Styrofoam cups to their regular clientele. Eventually making the jump from take-out cups to supermarket shelves, they have expanded their flavor offerings with a focus on wings. The current lineup includes the original along with:

While most of Moore’s flavors were created with wings in mind, I have found multiple uses for the entire range of sauces. Meaty main courses like burgers and meatloaf, appetizers like deviled eggs, and sides like mac and cheese have all benefited from a splash or two of these flavor-packed marinades and been winners with my party crowds.

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