Equipment Review: ManLaw LED BBQ Grill Light

manlaw led bbq light next to grill

Grilling in the dark can be tricky but sometimes it can’t be helped. Whether it’s because you’re up before the sun prepping an epic feast or because the days have gotten shorter so cooking dinner means being out in the pitch black, serious grillers aren’t about to let lack of light keep us from doing what we love. Today I’m taking a look a product aimed to shed some light on your outdoor cooking, the ManLaw LED BBQ Light.

Item Specs

  • 12 LED Bulb
  • Adjustable screw clamp
  • 2 magnet base
  • 23” Flexible arm
  • Weather resistant
  • Aluminum construction

What I Loved

The concept itself is great! The base is able to attach with either a screw clamp or by magnet which offers some versatility depending on application. The magnets themselves are super strong so the light will definitely stay in place when attached to a metal table via magnet or clamp. The clamp by the way, opens to about 2.5 inches. The base is also pretty heavy so it just feels substantial because the batteries are housed there, and not having a cord is an added plus. Finally, they claim it to be water resistant and that is definitely the case. After getting caught in a rainstorm and forgetting it outside overnight I was sure it was going to have to go in the trash; nope…still works so that was a nice surprise.

What Could Be Improved

First, the light itself, there are actually 12 LED lights, just isn’t very bright. Even when it’s really dark out the light with fresh batteries just isn’t great. In addition to it not being very bright, the area that gets lit up is pretty narrowly focused, only about an 8” diameter area can be lit at one time which is right next to useless. Next, the flexible arm isn’t nearly strong enough to hold up the light, I had issues with it bending over after the light was positioned on the subject, so that was a real downer.

Who It’s For

There are plenty of uses for this to include things outside of BBQing, but the intended use is to light up the grill after dusk so this is really for any outdoor cook, regardless of experience.

Final Thoughts

While the concept itself is great, I’d wouldn’t recommend this product. The fact that the light is just so dim (and I tried it with various batteries) makes it a pass for me. Add to that the light pattern being so small and the arm not being able to hold it in place and this one is just a disappointment. Sad, because I have other equipment from this company that performed much better.

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